Physical Development / Personal Training

Physical Development

Physical development involves improving motor skills that are specifically needed for everyday activities. These sessions are highly motivating and fun sessions developing balance, co-ordination, agility, gross motor skills, core strength for children and adults. They also improve perseverance, resilience, confidence, leading to increased concentration and focus in day to day life. Within one session the tasks are varied and include activities such as; skipping with a rope, juggling, patterned jumping and agility ladder, balance board work, gymnastics and  hand-eye /foot-eye coordination. We also work on connecting the left and right sides of the brain by focusing on exercises which cross the mid-line of the body. Each skill is broken down into achievable goals and built back up over time in order to achieve the whole skill.

The sessions can be adapted to focus on one area of development or include multiple elements depending on the needs and goals of each client.

These sessions are highly effective for all children and especially those with autism and dyspraxia. (Dyspraxia is a condition where a person experiences difficulty moving smoothly or in a coordinated fashion)

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Personal Training

Personal training sessions involve a variety of exercises in order to improve cardiovascular fitness, agility, coordination, flexibility, strength and conditioning. The focus of each session depends on the goals and requirements of the individual.  Training takes place in a variety of locations according to personal objectives and preference. Urban training, lakeside, forest areas, private homes and local sports facilities in the Riviera and Chablais region using a variety of natural features.



Adults and Children

1 hour session10 x 1 hour sessions (prepaid - used within 90 days)
CHF 120.-CHF 1100.-

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