Swimming Holiday Camp


There are no swim camps planned at this stage! 

Please check back at a later stage to check for more camps.

Learning to swim in a group can be a lot of fun. Combine this with 5 consecutive days and learning becomes amplified. So why not join us for an intense week of lessons.

Private and Semi Private lessons are as follows:


Châtel-st-Denis (private and semi-private lessons only)



Private lessons 30mins = 50chf

Semi-private 30mins = 30chf (per person)

Group lessons 30mins = 20chf (per person)

There is a surcharge of 20chf for travel expenses for private pools and lake lessons and lessons must be a minimum of 1hr.

      • Swimming Ability Level Guidelines


Cannot swim and cannot be left alone in the water
Is not confident in water
Is not water safe


Is happy and confident in the water (including deep water)
Can float on their front
Can float on their back
Can jump from the side allowing their head to go under the water
Can swim 15m on their front and back


Can swim 25m without stopping with some technique in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke
Can kick on their front in a streamlined position with straight legged kick
Can kick on their back in a streamlined position
Can duck dive

Stroke Correction/Squad

Can swim more than 50m without stopping
Can breath on the side when performing freestyle
Demonstrates good technique in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and is refining the strokes
Would like to do competitions/triathlons


Lyon Active