Swimming Lessons

Swimming isn’t just a sport. Swimming is a vital life skill, essential to water safety. It is an excellent low-impact exercise for children and adults; ideal for improving strength, flexibility and stamina. Learning to swim is a skill that, once mastered, is not forgotten and will open the door to taking part in many other water-based activities.

Swimming lessons are available for Children or Adults of all levels of ability.

Lessons take place in a number of locations

Villars – private, semi-private and group lessons

Châtel-st-Denis – private and semi-private

Lake lessons – Aigle or Montreux (Summer only)

Private pools – Montreux/Vevey/Blonay area (Summer only)



Private (1 person)CHF 45.-CHF 65.-CHF 90.-
Semi-Private (2 people)CHF 25.- per personCHF 37.50- per personCHF 50 .- per person
Group (3 or more people) pre-paid per termCHF 18.- per personCHF 26.- per personCHF 34.- per person


Private (1 person)CHF 50.-CHF 100.-
Semi Private (2 people) price / personCHF 25.-CHF 50.-