“My 4 kids are testament to what a brilliant coach Kath is.”

“Four little Aussies and their ability to swim like Aussies was deeply lacking… and deeply embarrassing.”

Yvette Yeates

“She’s got it all – she’s a wonderful sports-teacher, brings a very positive spirit to play and transfers all her energy to my kids.”

“We are doing Swimming and Physical Development with Kath with incredible progress. Kath just brings the right mix of joy and challenge to improve my kids skills.

Constanze Gaertner

“she did not fail our expectations”

“Our four year old used to love the water until he witnessed his cousin near drowning which led to us all jumping into the pool to get his cousin out, after that Sami refused to go in the water. We started at our lessons with Kath as we trust her since we knew her from the school.

Hannah Ehtash

“the results are there for anybody, but especially for me, to see”

“I did not like to work out! I live an absurdly busy life (work, business trips, two kids, husband, pets… you name it). Yet, in spite of myself and all of my efforts to boycott my own objectives, I eventually came to terms with the fact that I needed to have a healthier lifestyle.

Mary Carmen

“Kath’s greatest strength is her gregarious nature, and her caring attitude”

“Kath’s greatest strength is her gregarious nature, and her caring attitude.  Fitness and sports are undoubtedly her passion. Regardless of your fitness level Kath will help you achieve your personal goals, she is never judgmental, always encouraging and motivational.

David Longden

Lyon Active