Wild Kat Adventure’s mission is to get children playing and exploring their local surroundings, such as the lakes, forests and mountains, with freedom yet in a safe environment. In order to be more active and unplug from their electronics, let’s get back to having some good old fashioned fun in the outdoors and let kids be kids again, getting dirty, muddy and wet!


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Let’s face it, kids are spending more and more time on iPads, computers and watching television. Whilst we need to move forward with the technology that surrounds us, we also need to keep active in order to stay fit and get the most out of life. Studies show that kids are becoming more impatient, and showing an inability to think of creative, imaginative games to overcome their boredom. They want instant gratification in the form of entertainment they can engage in from the couch.

Sport and outdoor activities teach kids many different mental life skills such as self-confidence, resilience, perseverance, determination, mental toughness, teamwork, leadership, humble winning, gracious losing, patience, creativity, commitment… the list goes on. Wild Kat Adventures aims to develop these skills through a variety of activities throughout the week.

Without even realising it, kids participating in each activity will physically develop their balance, coordination, agility, core strength and gross motor skills, which in turn has been shown to lead to increased concentration, commitment and focus in everyday life.

Everything we do has some element of danger, varying from low to high risk. Learning to recognize and minimise those dangers is an essential life skill. Instead of shying away from all the things that kids like to do that could be unsafe, we need to let kids manage their own safety in order to have a better understanding of consequences and of the world at large.


Each day with bring a new adventure and new challenges and will be located either in the forest, by the lake or up on the mountain.

Forest days
Tree climbing – to create an opportunity not only to build upper body strength and coordination but also develop problem-solving and courage.
Playing “Capture the Flag” – to develop teamwork and strategy, as well as, agility and to be able to run through the forest on uneven ground, avoiding natural obstacles.
Building a den – to encourage children to cooperate within a group and be resourceful and creative. Learning about the importance of making a good shelter using natural resources.
Kids will also learn about the dangers of fires and how to build and cook on one safely.

A lake day – will start with understanding the dangers of lakes and waterways and how to get out of trouble when fatigue hits a long way from shore. Kids will need their creative and science skills in order to build a raft or boat to stay afloat and race from point A to B. Fun with rope swings and a “log balance” on the water will continue to build confidence, strength and balance. Can’t swim at all or not very well? No worries… I will be doing lessons throughout the day to help build confidence and skills.

A mountain bike day – starting easy we will work to improve biking skills in a controlled environment, to enable kids to move into the forest in the afternoon and negotiate the natural paths and obstacles of the forest. Can’t ride a bike, no problem… We will teach you! We will start easy on the grass and progress from there. The day will be adapted for the age group and ability level within each group.

A Mountain day will include a small hike, exploring the high alpine and the animals and flowers that live there. Depending on location will be an opportunity for a river crossing.

All days will be adapted to the age and ability within each group!

If this sounds like a fun way for your kid to spend a week of the summer…

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1st - 5th July 20194-10 year oldsLausanne Area - Chalet à Gobet, Préverenges plage, Les Paccots9.30 am - 4.30 pm490chf including lunch
8th - 13th July 20194-10 year oldsLausanne Area - Chalet à Gobet, Préverenges plage, Les Paccots.9.30 am - 4.30 pm490chf including lunch
12th - 16th August 20194-10 year oldsLausanne Area - Chalet à Gobet, Préverenges plage, Les Paccots.9.30 am - 4.30 pm490chf including lunch

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